Temperature Blanket 2016

As if I don’t have enough going on these days between being a second year math major, running an Etsy shop and attempting to stay in shape, I have decided to make a temperature blanket this year. Each day I will check the previous days weather and crochet a granny square with colors that correspond to the temperatures.

So far I have stayed on track… for a whole 3 days, impressive for me because I get bored with projects very, very, quickly. Lucky for me the weather here in Colorado Springs is EXTREMELY erratic so I doubt I will be doing the same colors two days in a row.

The inside circle is the “low” for the day and the outer color is the “high”. Clearly its been a little cold here lately.

Taking on a project like this would normally be fun for most people, but unfortunately I am not most people and I have a little bit of OCD, probably why I am so good at math :).


blanket 3

I made this tub hoping that if I stayed organized I will stay on track. Also this big eye sore has become quite the motivation to stay on track for┬ádoing this daily…. or at least weekly. Yea I’ll say weekly, gotta be realistic right?

Fingers crossed I don’t sit down one day and have 200 squares to make! I am looking forward to having a cozy, colorful blanket at the end of the year that documents the bipolar weather in my new home state.

The link to the granny squares can be found here.

Wish me luck on this crafty adventure!