Grand Opening!!!!!


Growing up I was extremely blessed to have a father who was amazing at woodworking and an exceptionally crafty mom. One of my favorite toys as a child was a play house built and furnished by my dad and decorated with hand sewn curtains and bedding for my baby doll’s crib, made by my mom.  Thank goodness I wasn’t a total brat and took the time to learn my parents’ crafts, enough so that I am still able to do them over 20 years later. I am quite the stud when working with power tools, if I do say so myself (thanks for the training dad!)

I used to love to watch my Nina Ro and mom crochet when I was little. I found it fascinating how they could use one hook and some yarn to make these beautiful pieces of art. Twenty years ago about all I could do was make a really long chain, or maybe ball the yarn for my mom, while I watched in awe.

Now two decades later I find myself drawn to the aisle of Home Depot, fabric stores and craft stores, reliving the adventures I had had with my amazing parents years before. For the last couple of years I have dabbled in these crafts, only making blankets and gifts for those closest to me, perhaps because I knew they would always have kind words to say. I wasn’t ready to face, what I thought would be harsh criticism from friends, acquaintances and total strangers.


One day I was contemplating making yet another gift for my best friends daughter, my husband has more blankets that he knows what to do with,some words of encouragement sparked this little idea. My best friend once again provided me with praise saying, you should share this with more people, you are really talented. After a lot of thinking and about a million practice patterns I finally opened The Burlap Kitchen Etsy Shop.TBKGrandOpening_Square

Ok, that’s enough sappy stuff for today! I have had a blast creating pieces for this shop and filling orders. In honor of the Grand Opening I have added a coupon code good through the end of January. I am adding new items weekly in between filling orders and organizing my yarn collection. The “shop” link above will take you to my store and make sure you favorite in order to see when new products added. Right now its all knit and crochet items, but soon I will be adding woodworking as well as sewing items into the mix.

Thanks for taking this stroll down memory lane with me! And DON’T WORRY I will still be adding new recipes weekly!