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Mason Jar Berries and Yogurt


Ok, I know what you are probably thinking… really? Mason jars again? Well here is the deal, I have a minor Michael’s addiction and one day I was shopping for some yarn and mason jars were on sale, so I naturally bought 2 cases. That’s totally normal right? I had the intention of making some awesome craft from Pinterest or learning how to make jam and clearly that never happened, so now I have 24 mason jars sitting in a cabinet.

With that being said, I now use them frequently in my weekly meal prep. Produce can get really expensive during the winter here in Colorado Springs so I have find some alternatives in order to not blow our grocery budget. These mason jar yogurts will run you about $0.15 a piece as opposed to $1-$1.75 for the prepackaged versions.  I looked at the prepackaged yogurt containers and they are FULL of preservatives and sugar. Even if it says sugar free, it is probably still packed with aspartame or some other sugar substitute, yuck. So, to keep on track with eating clean even when mother nature decides not to cooperate, I came up with this. Best part is you can eat it right out of the jar, no need to do any extra dishes!

No real recipe needed here. I buy the large containers of plain or vanilla Greek yogurt and a bag of NO SUGAR ADDED frozen fruit. You can find tons of different kinds that are sugar free or organic. Just put your frozen berries in a mason jar, add your Greek yogurt, and pop it in the fridge. As the berries thaw they release some awesome juices that you mix in with the yogurt and VOILA you have berry yogurt, that’s not packed with a bunch of chemicals and actually has real fruit in it!

These are perfect to have waiting in the fridge for your busy work week. Just make a weeks worth on meal prep day and the next day you have delicious berry yogurt! If you give it a try, let me know how it worked out for you or what cool combinations you came up with.

If you are doing the 21 day fix, this would be 1 red and 1/2 a purple. I have found that a full purple is too much fruit in relation to the yogurt, but that’s just me.