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Clean Chilaquiles


If you don’t know what Chilaquiles are…we need to correct that right now. If you know what they are and haven’t tried them…then go to the store and get the ingredients to make this recipe right now! For those of you who haven’t experienced Chilaquiles, they are a plate of tortilla chips drenched in deliciousness. Crispy tortilla chips, drenched in salsa verde or green chile and topped with cheese and an egg. Only one issue.. tortilla chips are normally fried, which is a huge NO. I whipped up some baked tortilla chips for this clean version and used an organic salsa verde.

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Mason Jar Berries and Yogurt


Ok, I know what you are probably thinking… really? Mason jars again? Well here is the deal, I have a minor Michael’s addiction and one day I was shopping for some yarn and mason jars were on sale, so I naturally bought 2 cases. That’s totally normal right? I had the intention of making some awesome craft from Pinterest¬†or learning how to make jam and clearly that never happened, so now I have 24 mason jars sitting in a cabinet.
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