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I don’t know about you, but Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year. Football, drinks, and delicious food. As a Beachbody Coach I always urge my challengers to make smart choices when faced with temptation at events that have fried and fatty foods, but let’s be honest here for a second, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. So, this Sunday I will really be enforcing my 80/20 rule. Clean healthy foods 80% of the time and indulging 20%. In this case, it means not eating SO much of the yummy food, but still letting myself indulge a little bit. Everything in moderation right? I mean seriously, who says no to wings?!

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Zoodle Slicer Giveaway Winner!


The winner has been randomly selected!! Patrick, is the new owner of this month’s giveaway, the Zoodle Slicer! I will be doing giveaways to subscribers monthly. Sometimes they will be fitness/food related and sometimes handmade crafts,  so make sure to subscribe for your chance to win.

And for our winner, don’t worry, I will be posting some Zoodle recipes soon so you can put your new toy to good use!

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Clean Chilaquiles


If you don’t know what Chilaquiles are…we need to correct that right now. If you know what they are and haven’t tried them…then go to the store and get the ingredients to make this recipe right now! For those of you who haven’t experienced Chilaquiles, they are a plate of tortilla chips drenched in deliciousness. Crispy tortilla chips, drenched in salsa verde or green chile and topped with cheese and an egg. Only one issue.. tortilla chips are normally fried, which is a huge NO. I whipped up some baked tortilla chips for this clean version and used an organic salsa verde.

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Crockpot Shredded Salsa Chicken

Salsa Chicken

Life went from zero to sixty in a matter of a week with the start of the new semester. After my first day of classes I decided it was time to bust out the trusty crock pot since spare time is a bit scarce these day.
Between homework and Beachbody Coaching, I have been one busy bee. This shredded chicken seriously takes about 3 minutes to get into the crock pot. You can make it as spicy of as mild as you want and the best part is… (drum roll please)…. only 4 ingredients and so much flavor. WIN.

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Clean Eating on a Budget



So, there have been a lot of questions lately in our Challenge Group about how to not break the bank while eating clean. While it does take some work, it IS possible. I’ll share some tips that I, as well as some of my fellow coaches, use to stay on track, both nutrition-wise as well as budget-wise.

Recently, I decided to challenge myself by taking on the task of keeping the food budget between $50-$75 a week for two people. Crazy right? Not as crazy as I thought! I stuck to a few rules and have been diligent in my planning and it has be totally doable. This $50-$75 dollars covers five meals a day, for two people, with little to no processed food.

So, here it goes…

  1. Shop in bulk. Stores like Sprouts offer a bulk section. These stores seem expensive but they really aren’t. Don’t let the fancy name fool you. In the bulk section you can get rice, beans, quinoa, granola, nut butters, flour, and coffee and they’re generally about 25% cheaper than their prepackaged counterparts. The prepackaged rice is more expensive because you are paying for the packaging.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the freezer section. I have a rule that I won’t pay more than $2/pound for chicken breasts! If I am out of chicken, and it isn’t on sale in the meat section, I will pick up a bag of the frozen chicken breasts that normally run about $2/pound. Frozen veggies and frozen fruit are amazing! Companies freeze them at peak season so they are normally the best quality. If something is overpriced because it’s not in season, grab a bag of frozen!
  3. Freeze, Freeze, Freeze. I buy meat 4 times a year. When chicken is on sale I buy at least 4 packages and freeze whatever I won’t use that week. Once I start running low on staples like chicken, ground turkey, pork tenderloin, and beef roast, I know it’s about time to go shopping again.
  4. I used to browse the ads to find out what was on sale and shop at 3, sometimes 4, different stores. Now, I browse when I’m running low on meat to find who has the lowest prices. If nothing impresses me, I will just go to Costco or Sam’s Club. I used to be afraid to buy that much meat for two people, but if you are utilizing your freezer it’s not a problem. As far as veggies and dairy, I shop at Walmart using the Savings Catcher App. It finds the lowest deal for me and gives me the difference, which I can turn into a Walmart gift card that I can use on future grocery trips.
  5. Cook from scratch. I know, I know. You don’t have time to cook every day. But with a little planning, you can cook one day and have food for the week. Plan to cook and freeze portions of large recipes on the weekend. Food PREP is key! When whole chickens are on sale, I cook one up in the crock pot for shredded chicken for tons of recipes, and I get several cups of broth out of it, that’s one way to save money right there!

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Mason Jar Berries and Yogurt


Ok, I know what you are probably thinking… really? Mason jars again? Well here is the deal, I have a minor Michael’s addiction and one day I was shopping for some yarn and mason jars were on sale, so I naturally bought 2 cases. That’s totally normal right? I had the intention of making some awesome craft from Pinterest or learning how to make jam and clearly that never happened, so now I have 24 mason jars sitting in a cabinet.
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Grand Opening!!!!!


Growing up I was extremely blessed to have a father who was amazing at woodworking and an exceptionally crafty mom. One of my favorite toys as a child was a play house built and furnished by my dad and decorated with hand sewn curtains and bedding for my baby doll’s crib, made by my mom.  Thank goodness I wasn’t a total brat and took the time to learn my parents’ crafts, enough so that I am still able to do them over 20 years later. I am quite the stud when working with power tools, if I do say so myself (thanks for the training dad!)
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Sun Dried Tomato and Feta Turkey Meatloaf


First day back on track was a success! I know, I know, another feta dish. This is the last one for a bit I promise. I have finally made a dent in my Costco container of feta, so I can start cooking with other things.

This yummy meal is prepped and in the oven in about 10 minutes! No more dry, boring meatloaf. The secret to a moist, delicious turkey meatloaf is soaking the bread in a little bit of almond milk or regular milk instead of using dry bread crumbs. Continue reading…


Temperature Blanket 2016

As if I don’t have enough going on these days between being a second year math major, running an Etsy shop and attempting to stay in shape, I have decided to make a temperature blanket this year. Each day I will check the previous days weather and crochet a granny square with colors that correspond to the temperatures.

So far I have stayed on track… for a whole 3 days, impressive for me because I get bored with projects very, very, quickly. Lucky for me the weather here in Colorado Springs is EXTREMELY erratic so I doubt I will be doing the same colors two days in a row.
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