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Knit Breckenridge Triangle Scarf

What a week guys! Let me tell you, I have been going 100 miles per hour all week and am happy as a clam to finally be sitting down and working on something that isn’t homework or grading. Four consecutive 14-hour days has me wiped out. I have a hot date with some Lion Brand Thick and Quick and my DVR tonight. Don’t judge me but, I need to catch up on the Bachelor In Paradise finale. School and work get so stressful, homework takes 10-15 hours per assignment, and my brain is so fried by the end of the week, I just need some mindless TV and the Bachelor franchise does the trick!

Anyway, let’s get to why you are here, The Breckenridge Triangle Scarf. This may look intimidating but it is totally beginner friendly. I will note, the YO (yarn over) that begins every row may seem a little less intuitive to English knitters (holding working yarn in right hand) but once you get the hang of it, it is easy peasy lemon squeezy. I have included a video below for all my “throwers” out there!

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Knit Rampart Beanie

Guys, I am so excited to release this pattern. The Rampart Beanie is a result of my new obsession with double stranded worsted weight yarn. Yes, I know I can use bulky or super chunky instead…. but can we just talk about that stitch definition for a moment?

Colorado weather has been a little bipolar lately and it is messing with my emotions. First, it is 55 degrees and raining, so naturally I pull my sweaters out from the back of my closet and start yearning for Pumpkin Spice everything (yes I am pretty basic)…. THEN the next day it is 83 degrees and sunny. What am I supposed to do with that Mother Nature? Yes I love summer, but let’s be honest, I am back in school and back at work so summer is over for me. The warm weather just makes me day dream about a simpler and lazier time.

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Knit Catamount Light Beanie

If I am being honest, it took me a while to jump on the Super Chunky yarn bandwagon. Before falling in love with Lion Brand Thick and Quick, I was a sucker for a Bulky (5) yarn. It is thick enough for a quick knit but thin enough to result in a nice drape. I’m all about that drape, guys. Seriously.

This pattern is written in one size, Adult but can be easily adjusted by adding or subtracting six stitches.

For a printable PDF with directions for both Bulky (5) and Super Chunky (6), click here.

To save to Ravelry click here

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Fall Prep Must Have Knit Patterns

Ok guys, it’s time we had a heart to heart. Am I the only one who is TOTALLY overwhelmed by the number of cowl, hat and ear warmer patterns on Etsy and Ravelry? Every time I go to buy a pattern you would think I was making major life decision like buying a home. I wonder if the pattern will be easy to follow, will the finished item turn out like the product photo, will my customers like these designs?

I realize as a pattern writer, I am adding to the insane number of patterns out there, so in effort to help narrow your search, I have rounded up eight of my personal favorite patterns. I will note that most of these patterns are paid patterns, but trust me, they are WELL worth the price.

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Knit Broadmoor Bandana Cowl

Truth be told, I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Most would say I am pretty boring, so basic pieces like the Tejon Bandana Cowl are just my style. I can dress it up or down and stockinette is just classic. On the other hand, I realize that not everyone is like me, so the Broadmoor Bandana Cowl was born. Some would argue that Garter Stitch is just as boring as Stockinette but I beg to differ. The squish of Garter Stitch is unrivaled and it provides just enough texture to make the cowl interesting.

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Knit Tejon Bandana Cowl

I am beyond excited to be releasing this pattern. The Tejon (pronounced TAY-hone) Bandana Cowl is the ultimate fall market prep item. A versatile closet staple that is ALSO a quick knit? Sign me up!

This cowl uses a little over one skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick and size 15 needles. The highlight of this piece is the smooth decreases that create the perfect tapered edge. We will be working with a few different types of decreases but have no fear, I have linked some tutorials to help you out.

So grab your needles, turn on Netflix and let’s get knitting!


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Knit Manitou Beanie

Who doesn’t love a matching set? Just like with my Manitou Cowl, this hat may look complicated but once you get the special cable stitches down, it is going to fly right off your needles, making it perfect for market prep or holiday gifting. Who doesn’t love a one skein project?

Want to make a matching cowl? Grab a second skein and click here for the free pattern.

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Left Slant Purl Decrease (LSPD) Tutorial

Most knitters are familiar with the right slanted decrease created by K2tog (knit two together), but what happens when you need your decrease to lean to the left? Or better yet, you need a left slanted decrease while working a row of purls? That is where the Left Slant Purl Decrease comes in to save the day!

I admit, I never found myself in desperate need of a left slanted decrease, that is, not until I was designing my Tejon Bandana Cowl. This decrease pairs beautifully with K2tog-tbl (knit two together through back loop) or SSK (Slip Slip Knit).

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Knit Manitou Cowl

It’s time for our next Fall Market Prep Pattern! This cowl may look complicated but once you get the special cable stitches down, it is going to fly right off your needles, making it perfect for market prep or holiday gifting. Who doesn’t love a one skein project?

For those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to visit Manitou Springs, Colorado, add it to your bucket list. The alternating cables are reminiscent of the steep roads that bring mountain residents to downtown. The best part? Their motto, much like Portland, Oregon, is “Keep Manitou Weird”. It is full of family run businesses, coffee shops and unique finds like apothecaries and a frontiersman store.

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Knit Catamount Beanie

Hello, lovelies! With summer coming to a close and the fall market prep season upon us, I wanted to share my first, and most popular pattern with you all! This quick chunky knit is PERFECT for fall market prep and uses under a skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick (or any other super chunky yarn).

This pattern is super beginner friendly. If you can knit, purl and knit in the round, you can master this squishy textured hat!

Lets get started, shall we?

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