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Left Slant Purl Decrease (LSPD) Tutorial

Most knitters are familiar with the right slanted decrease created by K2tog (knit two together), but what happens when you need your decrease to lean to the left? Or better yet, you need a left slanted decrease while working a row of purls? That is where the Left Slant Purl Decrease comes in to save the day!

I admit, I never found myself in desperate need of a left slanted decrease, that is, not until I was designing my Tejon Bandana Cowl. This decrease pairs beautifully with K2tog-tbl (knit two together through back loop) or SSK (Slip Slip Knit).

Something to note, this tutorial will show you how to decrease at the end of a purl row but you can use it where ever you need a left slanted decrease while purling.

So, grab your needles and a skein of yarn and let’s get practicing!


Step 1: Work desired pattern until last two stitches of that row or round.

Step 2: Purl next stitch


Step 3: Return the purled stitch back to left needle.

Step 4:  Insert your right needle into the front loop of the next stitch and pass it over the purl stitch.

Slip the purled stitch (last stitch on your left needle) back to the right. Ta-da! You are done!


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