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Knit Manitou Beanie

Who doesn’t love a matching set? Just like with my Manitou Cowl, this hat may look complicated but once you get the special cable stitches down, it is going to fly right off your needles, making it perfect for market prep or holiday gifting. Who doesn’t love a one skein project?

Want to make a matching cowl? Grab a second skein and click here for the free pattern.

For a printable pdf of the Manitou Hat and Cowl set, click here.

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: Toddler (Child, Adult Small/Teen, Adult Large)

Circumference: 18”-19” (20”-21”, 21”-22”, 22”-23”)



  • KBL           Knit Through Back Loop
  • K                Knit
  • P                Purl
  • KFB           Knit Front and Back
  • SL1P         Slip One Purlwise
  • K2TOG      Knit Two Stitches Together
  • DPN          Double Pointed Needles
  • ST(s)         Stitch(es)


Twisted Rib (KBL,P) With Size 13/9mm
5 Stitches (Wide) x 6 Rows (Tall)= 2”x 2”


Special Stitches:

C2B+K1: Slip 2 ST onto a cable needle and hold at the BACK of work. Knit next stitch. K2 STs from cable needle.

C1F+K2: Slip 1 ST onto a cable needle and hold at the FRONT of work. K2 STs. K ST from cable needle.


  • The italicized STs will be your slipped ST from the previous two rounds.
  • Tension is key with the cabling in this pattern. If you struggle to meet the gauge, try going up a pattern size rather than using size 17 needles.

This pattern is easily adjusted by increasing in multiples of 4.


With size 13/9mm needles:

Note: Feel free to use size 15/10mm needles for brim. This will cause a less fitted brim.

  • Cast on 36 (40, 44, 48) (add one additional stitch if you join by slipping last stitch over first.
  • Join your work to knit in the round (careful not to twist work) and place stitch marker to indicate beginning of round.
  • For 5 (6, 7) rows *KBL, P* until you reach stitch marker.
  • Feel free to add more rows until desired brim length is achieved!

Note: This pattern uses KBL to create a twisted rib. Feel free to do a standard 1×1 rib with K instead of KBL. This will create a different look and slightly less stretch than the twisted rib.

Body of Hat:

Switch to size 15/10mm needles:

Row 1:  K2 *SL1P, K3; Repeat from * around. SL1P, K1

Row 2: Repeat Row 1

Row 3: *C2B+K1, K1; Repeat from * around.

Row 4: Knit all

Row 5-6 (2 rows): Repeat Row 1

Row 7: K1 *K1, C1F+K2; Repeat from * to end.

ROW 7 NOTE: The cable will be knit after the stitch marker. Begin Row 8 immediately after you knit the stitch off the cable. Do not change position of stitch marker.

Row 8: Knit all

Repeat Rounds 1-8 until beanie measures 8”(8.5”,9”, 9”) ending on row 4 or row 8.



Switch to DPNs or Magic Loop if needed

Row 1: *K1 K2TOG. Repeat from * to end. K any remaining stitches 24(28, 32, 32 STs)

Row 2: *K2TOG. Repeat from * to end. K any remaining stitches. 12(14,16, 16 STs)

Cut yarn leaving long tail, weave tail through all stitches, cinch closed and weave in ends. Ta-Da! You are done!

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