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Knit Broadmoor Bandana Cowl

Truth be told, I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Most would say I am pretty boring, so basic pieces like the Tejon Bandana Cowl are just my style. I can dress it up or down and stockinette is just classic. On the other hand, I realize that not everyone is like me, so the Broadmoor Bandana Cowl was born. Some would argue that Garter Stitch is just as boring as Stockinette but I beg to differ. The squish of Garter Stitch is unrivaled and it provides just enough texture to make the cowl interesting.

The best part, you ask? The entire bandana is done in Knit stitch. This means less purling and less purling=happy Nic. Am I the only one who doesn’t like purl stitch? Tell me I am not alone here. You will have to purl a bit while making the cowl portion, but after you increase, it is smooth sailing.

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Adult, see below for finished dimensions.


  • 2 Skeins, Lion Brand Thick and Quick Yarn or Comparable Super Chunky (6) Weight (Approx 130 yards)
  • Size 15/10mm, 22-24” Circular Needles
  • Stitch Marker
  • Tapestry Needle


  • K                Knit
  • P                Purl
  • K2tog        Knit two stitches together
  • P2tog        Purl two stitches together
  • KFB            Knit Front and Back
  • ST(s)          Stitch(es)
  • WS            Wrong Side
  • RS             Right Side


10mm Stockinette 2″=5 stitches | 7 Rounds

Finished Product Measurements:

Cowl: 12.5″ wide

Length: 19″ from top to point

Special Stitches:

K2tog-tbl: Knit two stitches together through back loops. Tutorial

LSPD (Left Slant Purl Decrease): Purl next stitch. Slip purled stitch from right needle back to left needle. Using right needle, lift next unworked stitch OVER purled stitch. Pass purled stitch back to right needle. Tutorial

This pattern is worked both in the round and flat knit. We will start by working the cowl in the round, then work back and forth to create the bandana!

Let’s get started!





With size 15/10mm needles:

Cast on 56 (add one additional stitch if you join by slipping last stitch over first).

Join your work to knit in the round (careful not to twist work) and place stitch marker to indicate beginning of round.

Round 1: Purl all

Round 2: Knit all

Repeat Round 1 and Round 2 (ending with round 1) until the piece measures 6” from needles to edge. Want a longer cowl? Keep working Round 1 and 2 until desired length is reached. You’re the boss applesauce.


Beginning of Flat Knit Section.


First, we are going to increase 17 stitches.

Row 1:  K3, *KFB. K2. Repeat from * to last two stitches. K2 Turn. (73 STs).

Row 2 (WS): P2tog, Knit to last two stitches, LPSD. Turn. (71 STs).

Row 3 (RS): K2tog-tbl, Knit until last two stitches. K2tog. Turn. (69STs).

Repeat Row 2 and Row 3 until there are three stitches left on your needles. Turn work.

Bind off in knit stitch.


Weave in ends. I recommend steam blocking this piece if you are working with wool or a wool blend.  This will help the drape of the cowl and prevent the bottom point from curling. Here is a tutorial on steam blocking if needed!

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